Navgraha Pooja

Intro about Track

Tratak is the practice of staring at a object without blinking. It is a form of concentration practice and is often used in meditation. By fixating the gaze on a object, the mind is able to still and focus. This allows for a deeper level of meditation to be reached.

Benefit about Track

The tratak kriya is an excellent way to strengthen eye muscles, improve vision and memory, as well as keep insomnia at bay. Those who have difficulty sleeping should do the tratak kriya daily to see the best results. The kriya also strengthens the ability to concentrate, making it perfect for students or anyone who wants to improve their focus.

How Many times you Should do?

It helps improve eyesight and gives you a sense of clarity in life. You should Practise this for 21 days,  and take a break at least for five days and Then  restart for 21 days. Look at the flame, close your eyes andrepeat this three times until the image is formed in your eyes when you close it.

Expert Helps Benefit

Tejal Joshi is expert in Tratak .She helps to the practice of staring at a fixed point without blinking. It is said to help improve concentration and mental clarity. Tratak is often used in meditation and prayer, as it is thought to help still the mind and connect with the Divine.

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