Shrradh karma

Navgraha Pooja

Shraddha is an important ritual in Hinduism for honoring one’s ancestors. It is believed that by performing Shraddha, we can repay any debts we owe to our deceased ancestors and free them from their sins. Performing Shradh Karma with full devotion has been mentioned in the Shastras Puran.

In Bharatiya culture, we believe that it is our Dharma to serve our parents and close relatives while they are alive. After they pass away, we still have certain duties to them. The shraddha rites give us a chance to fulfill these duties and repay our debts to the Pitars (ancestors). By performing these rites, we can ensure that our parents’ journey after death is comfortable and without any distress.

The Shraddha rites will all be performed by the BE- LIVE astrologer

  • Invite Brahmanas for worship and feed also
  • Perform the fire ritual (Home) appeasing the Agni which will transmit the offerings to your beloved ancestors

  • Perform Pinda Pradaana by offering rice ladu to departed souls. As an act of hospitality and to gain their blessings, the Karta gives Dakshana to the Brahmanas.

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