Satyanarayan Katha

Navgraha Pooja

It is said in Skanda Purana that Satyanarayana is a form of Lord Vishnu. In such a situation, it is believed that the grace of Vishnu ji will be showered on the devotee by telling and listening to Satyanarayana katha. It is said to bring happiness and peace in life. Let us tell you that reciting Satyanarayan Katha on the day of Purnima is considered very auspicious.

Satya Ko Narayan (Pujna in the form of Vishnu Ji is the worship of Lord Satyanarayan. Another meaning is that the only Lord Narayan in the world is truth, all else is Maya. Lord is worshiped in many forms, among them Lord The form of Satyanarayana is told in this story.

Importance of Satyanarayan Katha:

Worship of Lord Satyanarayan is especially beneficial for the peace and prosperity of the home. This pooja is also beneficial for marriage and to make married life successful. Worshiping Satyanarayan before and after marriage is very auspicious.

BE – LIVE astrology is doing Satyanarayan Katha with Hinduism ritual and you will get good achievements after doing this puja. Mahadev Joshi is doing well Satyanarayan Katha.


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