Navdurga Yagna

Navgraha Pooja

Navratri festival is considered to be the most auspicious and unique period of devotion to the concept of Maa-Durga and worship of Paramatma ki Shakti (sublime, ultimate, supreme creative energy). This worship dates back to prehistoric times, before the Vedic era. Since the Vedic age of sages, Gayatri Sadhana has been the main form of devotional practice during Navratri.

Navadurga Sanatan Dharma refers to the nine forms of Mother Durga or Mother Parvati together. These new Durga are called destroyer of sins, each goddess has different vehicles, weapons and weapons but they are all one.

A major purpose of the Navdurga Yagna is also to organise people of religious inclinations for the sake of good. Union power is the most prominent in this era. Maa Durga is pleased by this Havan.

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