Homatmak Laghu Rudra

Navgraha Pooja

What is Laghu Rudrabhishek?

The general meaning of Laghu Rudra Puja is the worship of Shiva which destroys all the sorrows of a person. Let us tell you that this word has been mentioned many times in Yajurveda. It is said in the scriptures that the worship of Rudra form of Lord Shiva gives special benefits to a person.

To perform Rudrabhishek at home, you will need a Shivling made of Panchadhatu or Ashtadhatu or brass. Place the Shivlinga on a brass or copper plate on the altar in your home. You can also place Nandi’s idol in front of Shivalinga. It is also necessary to bow down to Lord Shiva’s ride Nandi. and most of the important thing is Puja is must doing with proper Mantra it’s must do by pandit Ji.

BE – LIVE astrology is doing Laghu Rudrabhishek with Hinduism ritual and you will get good achievements. Mahadev Joshi is an expert for laghurudra Abhishek.

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