Garudpuran Katha

Navgraha Pooja

The Garuda Purana is one of the 18 Mahapurans in Hinduism that was written by Lord Maha Vishnu and given to Sri Garuda. It’s an ancient text that covers life’s meaning, reincarnation, proper funeral rites, and details of what happens to a soul after death. According to the Garud Puran, it’s important to perform the proper funeral rites at the time of Antim Sanskar for the deceased. With 19000 Shlokas, it’s a Vaishnava Purana that’s full of important information. The Garud Purana is a Vaishnava Purana which consists of 19,000 shlokas. It is further divided into two parts: the Purva Khanda (first part) and the Uttara Khanda (second part). The second half of Garud Purana explains the subject of life after death.

By reciting this Puran, you can ward off negative influences and know the probable worst-case scenario. This will help you make better decisions about whether a task is right or wrong. Those who perform this ritual will not have any confusion or illusion regarding right and wrong for any task.

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