Debt Solution

Navgraha Pooja

The primary planets that identify loans and debts in the horoscope are Rahu, Mars, and Saturn.
The main house indicating financial problems in the horoscope is the 8th House. For debt, the
planet Mars plays a significant role.

Mars is known to cause debt and money problems in a person’s life when it is combined with other
planets in what is known as the “Malefic” houses – 6th, 8th, and 10th. This can make a person
overconfident and foolish, leading them to make decisions that harm their financial stability instead
of helping it.

When starting any new work, it’s always a good idea to perform Ganesh puja for good luck and
prosperity. On Tuesdays, you can also perform Hanuman aarti by burning cloves in Dhani oil.
Before beginning any new work, it is said that Ganesh puja will bring you good luck and prosperity.
On Tuesdays, it is also believed that performing Hanuman aarti by burning cloves in Dhani oil will
bring you luck. Every day, burn 5 cloves with camphor in desi ghee and when you leave the house,
apply a tilak with this mixture on your forehead.

Venus represents wealth or money as it rules the second house of wealth in the natural zodiac

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