Asthi Puja

Navgraha Pooja

The Asthi Visarjan, or Asthi Pravah, is an important religious ritual in Hinduism in which the bones of a deceased person are immersed in the river Ganges. The remaining bones and ashes after performing the last rites are called Asthi. A person’s body is normally cremated on a funeral pyre, and the ashes are collected and tied to a piece of cloth. In some foreign countries, electric or diesel crematoriums are used. After the ritual is completed, the ashes are collected and tied to a piece of cloth. The ashes are then immersed in the river Ganga or other holy rivers. This act of immersion is known as Asthi-Visarjan.

Need of Asthi Visarjan

  • The purpose of this ritual is to bring peace to the departed soul.
  • Performing this ritual will protect you from negative influences and help you to anticipate the worst-case scenario.

  • This ritual will give you clarity and confidence regarding what is right and wrong before starting or during any task.

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